Tiana Kelbie

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I completed the Kindred Clothing qualification in December 2022.  I did the course because I didn’t have a lot of courage and confidence: I always believed I couldn’t do things. I met loads of amazing people and had the best experience doing this. I have achieved my goals and I’m a lot happier than I was when the course started. I have gained loads of confidence and courage to do new things. I made an actual teddy bear and went to a fashion show, pop-ups, exhibitions, and met loads of nice designers too.

I never thought I would enjoy making clothes or meeting new people because being out of my shell was uncomfortable.

Not only that: I have always struggled being in school; just being in the school environment… I never went to class and I struggled a lot with teachers and people in the classes when I did attend. I was always getting in bother all the time and then I got offered this amazing opportunity. To be honest I thought I would have hated it! But as I started it, I knew this was something different, I knew this was something I wanted to do. And now I’m starting to do well in school.

This whole experience has been amazing; there have been loads of ups and a few downs, but we all stuck with it and got there in the end.

I can’t say thank you enough to the people who have helped me through this. I found it hard working all the different sewing machines and found making the clothes difficult, but I stuck with it. I tried my best and turned up. Near the start I wouldn’t ask for help but as my confidence grew, I would ask Gillian McIver (of Andie Sewing School), Nicole Doig (of Dots ‘n’ Stripes) and the other tutors. The girls in the group have been so supportive, helping along the way and I can’t be more grateful for them. My one good thing about this experience is that I have made it to the end without giving up. I’m excited for my journey ahead with making clothes.