Projects begin with an ask either from a young person asking Front Lounge for help, or Front Lounge asking a young person what they want to do. Projects are dynamic conversations we use to help participants make sense of the world, and they often become important vehicles for others to use as well, offering a safe space to delve into possibility and opportunity. Here is a collection of Front Lounge projects captured on film over the years.

Life Project (2002)

The inaugural Front Lounge project was a transitions project which brought together pupils of Baldragon Academy with pupil of a number of feeder primary schools. The result was the film, ‘What You Lookin’ At?’

KenART (2002-2011)

A dynamic art collective that explored identity through art: Who am I? Where am I? What are my hopes and dreams? KenART projects ran all over Scotland and beyond.

The Ultimate Chill (2000-2009)

A decade-long Scottish arts festival that prominently featured an annual best band competition.

iGNiTE (2000-present)

An arts-driven three-day intensive leadership development programme that has deen delivered all over Scotland and beyond.

The Urban Chillax (2007-2011)

Produced by Paul and Pauline Joseph, this dance-off competition in Dundee’s Caird Hall featured hundreds of dancers from across Scotland.

Teen Pregnancy Project (2012)

A working group of capable young people travelled across Tayside to have a conversation with their peers about teenage pregnancy.

Life On The Hilltown (2012)

Changing Faces of Hilltown captured the stories of old and young previous residents of Hilltown, and celebrated the Maxwelltown multis which were demolished in the summer of 2012.

Champions Board (2007-present)

Dundee Champions Board is a platform for the voice of care experienced young people to be heard. Officially launched in 2011, this has become a nationwide movement.

Faces (2008)

What do you get when you put a load of creatives in a B&B after a day of working hard with people? Your Face! Golden.

Going Over Home (2010)

Working with the Salvation Army to tackle homelessness in Dundee.

Bringing Up Baby (2012-present)

Led by volunteers, BUBS is a support network for young parents and their children to socialise and do fun activities.

On The Whole (2014-present)

A space run by care experienced young people for care experienced young people that gives care leavers opportunity to have fellowship and define activities they want to do.

The Aperture Project (2014-2018)

A creative group of young people who planned and ran creative community events. Their biggest project was the iGNiTE Reunion 2017 expedition to Lijiang, China.

International Women’s Day (2018)

In 2018 we celebrated International Women’s Day with 50 Dalit women in partnership with Thendral Movement, in Tamil Nadu, India.

Foolish Optmism (2017-2019)

This film about young people, mental health and hope became a national conversation that involved 26 events in nine different Scottish local authorities, reaching 1000 people with 20 different statutory and third sector partners.

Kindred Clothing (2017-present)

An SQA-accredited course that gives learners an insight into the fashion industry, plus provides opportunities for employment.

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Hope Hub (2020-present)

A range of interconnected projects designed to create a supportive and proactive community of positivity and wellness.

Time Capsule (2020)

On 23 March 2020 the UK went into an unprecedented lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Time Capsule captures over Zoom different experiences of the pandemic from across Scotland.