Kindred Clothing Award, an SQA-accredited course in the garment production

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Launched in 2020, Kindred Clothing Award (Garment Production) is an SQA-accredited course, rated by SCQF at Level 5 with 30 credit points.

The award takes learners through the key stages of the garment production process, from setting up and using a sewing machine to mood boards, pattern making and garment construction. Learners also gain practical fashion photography skills and techniques to present themselves, their stories and their clothes.

Amy Revelle

“I had just moved to Dundee when I found out about Kindred Clothing. I was struggling with anxiety and needed a distraction. Kindred Clothing gave me a break from the negative things going on in my life and really helped with my mental health. I’ve learnt so many skills – I’ve made a bag, lounge suit, bucket hat and a t-shirt dress. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not been easy. I’ve been stressed, I’ve been confused, but I’ve also had such a laugh and made so many new friends. I’ve also learnt that patience is key and there’s always a solution. One day, I’d love to open a clothes shop in Kirriemuir for all ages and sizes.”

Amy (24)
Mum to two-year-old Leo

Each element of the course is delivered by industry professionals who are members of the Clothes Making Learning Partnership, and learners build up portfolios documenting all the things they have learnt. To gain the qualification, learners must complete all the necessary assessments, complete the mandated number of hours, and present a portfolio of their work at the end of the course. The precise course duration and delivery arrangements varies depending on the age and needs of the learners.

As well as working within target communities, Kindred Clothing is also making an impact within schools. Up until the end of 2022 two Dundee secondary schools have successfully trialled the course, providing motivation and opportunities for pupils who are disengaged with mainstream learning.

“Kindred Clothing is making a fantastic and important contribution to our pupils and the school. Most of all, it’s given these young people a focus and the chance to work towards a credible and valuable qualification in a different way than they might have realised was possible. They’re also creating new friendships, building their confidence and seeing their true potential. The young people are genuinely surprised at what they can do, so Kindred Clothing is also opening their eyes to new possibilities down the line.”

Maureen King
Support Worker at Baldragon Academy

Maureen King

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