Front Lounge is a social empowerment organisation based in Dundee, Scotland. To those who know us, they know that we’re much, much more than that, with ongoing community projects spanning all corners of the world.

On 11 September 2001, Front Lounge, then known as Pure Media UK, was officially founded, the same day the Twin Towers in New York came crashing down. On a very dark day a glimmer of hope… And since that day we have worked tirelessly to empower our people to…

…find the thing that makes their heart sing…

On 29 April 2016, we officially changed our name to Front Lounge, reflecting a move away from arts driven projects to focus more on programmes that address social issues. In particular those issues faced by care experienced young people, young parents, those with mental health challenges, and those unknown, forgotten and often ignored voices living on the margins in the communities we serve.

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01382 220330

Activity Base:
The Workshop, 205-207 Hilltown, Dundee DD3 7AF

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Legal Information

Incorporation Date:
11 September 2001

Scottish Charity Number:

Scottish Company Number:

Registered Office:
Whitehall House, 33 Yeaman Shore, Dundee DD1 4BJ



Underpinned by the values of social justice, respect, enterprise, partnership, and creativity, we take an asset-based approach to supporting the people we work with.

Our approach is realised through four overarching aims:

Empowering young people to be more engaged, motivated and resilient

Helping young people gain better access to services

Helping young people attain more through education

Working to improve the life chances of the most marginalised in society

At the heart of the organisation is people. People straining to define their futures, trying to transform their current realities, not just for themselves but also for the communities they are connected to.

We believe in people.

Front Lounge is served by a board predominantly made up of people who once took part in, or led, many of the projects mentioned on this website. Our ultimate goal is to create the opportunities that enable every person we meet to realise and express their full potential, imbued with a passion to make a positive difference wherever they might be in the world.

The bewildering array of projects accomplished over the years are the vehicles for the incredible stories that form the central focus of this website. We continue to be astounded, humbled, and amazed by the many lives we have had the awesome privilege of being a part of. May your stories continue to astound.

Life is BIG. Be all you can be.