11 September 2023: it’s Front Lounge’s birthday today!

Happy Birthday Front Lounge!

There is so much to be grateful for, and so many incredible people who have made the past year one of the best years we have ever had. The pictures within this post capture many of the magic moments of the year. Everyone of you who has accomplished a goal, overcame an obstacle, did something you never believed was possible, stepped beyond your comfort zone: we salute you! We cannot put into words just how proud of you we are! It is so amazing to watch you grow. And as you do, so does Front Lounge!

The past year in 22 pictures…

September 2022: See You Glow, Shona Inatimi’ very first solo exhibition in Federation Gallery.

November 2022: SR:D Awards 2022 attended by Amy Deans, Cerrys Duke and Maisie Farrer as part of their six month Isolated Heroes internships to help write the new Fashion Production Award.

December 2022: The final presentations of the Kindred Clothing Sep – Dec 2022 Cohort marked the end of the course for this group of learners.

December 2022: Kindred Clothing graduates joining forces to make snoods for Isolated Heroes as Christmas presents for Front Lounge to distribute.

December 2022: We celebrated completing the Kindred Clothing course with a Christmas Meal at Edna Mae Bakehouse.

February 2023: Ufi Voctech Trust funded David Hinton of Unity Ventures to help us plan the next evolution of Kindred Clothing.

March 2023: International Women’s Day photoshoot with Kitty Tang at Hilltown Park, Dundee.

March 2023: We had a wonderful International Women’s Day celebration event in The Workshop, Dundee featuring readings, poetry, live music, words of encouragement, and a gift to all the women who attended.

March 2023: The final presentations of the Kindred Clothing Jan – Mar 2023 Cohort at The Workshop, Dundee, marked the end of the course for this group of learners.

March 2023: The presentation event also involved the Isolated Heroes interns giving Samantha Paton a thank you gift for all her effort and support in the framing of the Fashion Production Award.

April 2023: Ellie Fraser wins The Courier Gold Star Award for her outstanding contributions to Kindred Clothing as part of the Kindred Clothing Jan – Mar 2023 Cohort.

May 2023: Cerrys Duke – Circle of Inspiration finalists in the ‘Trainee of the Year: Rising Star Award’.

May 2023: River Tay adventures on Taymara’s Missel Thrush, revelling in the achievements of the Kindred Clothing Jan – Mar 2023 Cohort.

June 2023: Waste Not with Jo AMI, Kindred Clothing taster workshops delivered to pupils of Baldragon Academy and Craigie High School.

July 2023: We kicked off summer by running an iGNiTE experience with the Let’s Create 2023 youth group – they made a zombie movie!

August 2023: This summer saw the relaunch of Adventures of the LIttle People, and led by Ashley Dye, the children had a wonderful three days playing and creating and exploring their imaginations.

August 2023: The highpoint of summer was Kindred Closing Graduation Day, celebrating the 17 learners who completed the course over the year at Mains Castle, Dundee.

August 2023: Graduation Day saw Courtney Keddie announced as the winner of the Tailor Trade Award along with £350: she couldn’t believe it!

August 2023: Once Graduation came to an end the Family Fun Day began with the Front Lounge diaspora travelling in from Estonia, China, Aberdeen, Edinburgh,  the Highlands and from across Tayside to revel in each other’s company. This picture features all the way from China, Adam Varjavandi and his family!

August 2023: Family Fun Day featured animal handling with Eden’s Garden. There was also food, Photo Booth, balloon modelling and face painting!

August 2023: The highpoint of Family Fun Day has got to be the magic by Jamie the Jester! What a hit!

August 2023: Summer was bookended neatly with a second iGNiTE experience: iGNiTE x Historical Fiction @ V&A Dundee: A Wicked Fairytale was the project finale which was performed to a live audience in the Juniper Auditorium in V&A Dundee!

Thank You!