Chelsie Bruce

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I first got involved with Front Lounge through a BUBS summer trips post on Facebook in 2015, which led to a trip to Active Kids.

"I have never worked with an organisation that works on so many projects at one time. Front Lounge is very supportive in helping people achieve their dreams and aspirations whatever they are."

I started Bring Up Baby aka BUBS as a participant in 2015 where I attended all the summer sessions. I then attended for a few months after, going to the weekly sessions and getting to know everyone involved. I was then asked if I would like to volunteer. I agreed and I honestly loved what I was doing. After that BUBS became my life. I volunteered for 4 years. I’m so proud of the group and the parents and children that attended, watching them grow and develop really brought me happiness.

BUBS works with parents 25 and under and their children, and strives to involve parents as much as it involves children. That is what I believe is a unique thing that I am so proud of. BUBS also aims to help families if they are having problems at home. Seeing the families grow and develop watching families come and go, I feel like they are my children. It makes me feel so proud to know that I have an impact on a young parent’s life.

"Front Lounge has helped me grow as a person and better myself. It has also given me the opportunity to work and still be the best mum I can be."

Front Lounge helped me apply for college, gave me so many amazing skills and opportunities to grow and develop. I was also given the support and materials to gradually have the confidence to create and run projects by myself.

One of my standout Front Lounge experiences was Family Fun Online. This will always stick with me. It was a great experience starting a project of my own. It was summer 2020; we were in lockdown and so many people were struggling. Family Fun Online was a creative play project that worked with young parents and their children, adults with additional needs and we have also worked with a group of families who live in China.

It made me feel so proud to be able to bring happiness to people that were at home and in a dark place.